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Joel plays dumb at Spelling Bee

Joel discovers infestation in attic, gives himself nickname Rat King

Joel enters Witness Protection Program after witnessing homicide, changes name to Jelly Bowl

Joel insists on playing “White Jack” at casino, gets dealer to hit him literally

Joel offends woodwind player by suggesting potential “skin flute” solo

Joel played by piano on Opposite Day

Joel experiments with reverse coupon to concert costing fans extra

Joel lists interests as “Pizza & Dudes” in pandering Teen Beat interview

Joel seen testing limits at all you can eat buffet in fat suit

Joel takes direct flight to direct center of US, orders seafood

Joel quietly commissions Mickey Rooney doll from Breakfast at Tiffany’s role

Joel denied pet store grooming services for “Trouser Snake”

Joel suggests ripping large bills as method to combat inflation

Joel found speechless, alone and inconsolable at abandoned amusement park

Joel witnessed fleeing scene of zoo breakout

Joel divulges ‘Pee, Anno Man’ was original song title

Joel drives rented dump truck through used record store

Joel did start that fire

Joel jumps on hood of car that ran light in funeral procession

Joel stunned passport not required for New Mexico trip

Joel saddened by happy ending

Joel and rapper Drake get handsy on Kiss Cam at Toronto Raptors game

Joel rushes to hospital after receiving viral video

Joel incites melee after piss bucket stunt at Fenway Park

Joel carries tray of hot dogs below waist after concert with shit-eating grin

Joel sits on hand for 35 minutes before performing The Stranger