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Joel brings skunk cabbage salad to friend’s BBQ

Joel subjected to 48 hour spell, switching bodies with giant tree sloth

Joel entrusts invisible wizard with legal defense at trial

Joel virtually doubles in size after hopping on cartoon mushroom

Joel incites cacophony by showing teeth at dog pound

Joel utterly mesmerized after waking up drunk at Colonial Times theme park

Joel receives bar of soap and deodorant stick from Secret Santa during holiday office party

Joel smashes city bus driver over head with museum gift shop geode

Joel uses banana to rob fruit stand

Joel grows shock of white hair after witnessing enormous male twins having sex in Borders bathroom stall

Joel cites partial Irish heritage as excuse for excessive use of the ‘C’ word

Joel employs family of wolves to raise his children in barn

Joel goes into hiding after bungled Bradlees kidnapping attempt

Joel baffles Costco staff by asking “Where do you keep the big fuckers?”

Joel gets mad, then even, then arrested

Joel blames bad sushi for scratching out all the eyes in friend’s photo album

Joel rifles through woman’s purse

Joel intelligibly reads Wingdings font