Archive for March, 2017

Joel tries to assault mime, is stopped by invisible box

Joel nearly gets face bit off investigating Komodo Dragon’s nest

Joel reveals to his therapist that he sees him as a cartoon egg

Joel attempts to commercialize air

Joel discovers family photo album with pictures of him hatching from egg

Joel robs bank wearing Joel mask, gets away scott free

Joel haggles down prices at lemonade stand

Joel walks on all fours for 24 hours

Joel uses New York office backdrop to take video conference call from Caribbean vacation

Joel secures physical documents with literal firewall

Joel doesn’t understand the appeal of burritos due to never having taken the tinfoil off

Joel claims one-eighth Mohawk Indian heritage on law school application

Joel choked to death on beach by plane crash survivors after several days of fevered madness

Joel burglarizes North Cambridge apartment in desperate hunt for opioids

Joel bites off more than he can chew at Make a Wish Foundation, must name next album “Ugly Kid Joel”

Joel rage-eats submarine sandwich with wrong ingredients

Joel finds Big Easy a little difficult

Joel fries elephant in public to discredit Alternating Current

Joel alarms health food shoppers by screaming “Rabe!”

Joel brings gun to airport

Joel negotiates with terrorists