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Joel handpicked by duplicitous police chief to investigate a crime that a very powerful person does not want solved

Joel lists “soiled khakis” on expense report

Joel kills messenger, hails unfavorable original source

Joel sings into remote and dances on coffee table before finally collapsing

Joel describes fight between two doctors over his histrionics

Joel eats rainbow colored ham from friend’s mother’s refrigerator as to not offend

Joel sprains shoulder while throwing egg at mayor-elect

Joel anonymously sends information about diseases to strangers

Joel snorts crushed pills while listening to Hulk Hogan theme song

Joel denies knowing who took the money

Joel warded off with garlic necklace

Joel references Yahoo “10 Worst Cities in the US” listicle before planning next move

Joel hastily washes off blood from his hands

Joel eats personal check made out to him at fender bender scene to convey his unwillingness to settle out of court

Joel seen running down street holding piggy bank

Joel quickly deduces that violence is necessary

Joel turns on his owner

Joel handpicked from labor camp by aging Colonel to go back and win the Vietnam War

Joel caught living in Home Depot Garden Department

Joel feels like calling one type of apple a “Delicious Apple” is unfair to other apples

Joel sees the pizza man on the box wink at him

Joel brings fun cowboy vibe to space station

Joel goes through downs and downs

Joel calls police, plays dead

Joel forced into police car while shouting “America eats its young!”