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Joel masks symptoms of disease he caught from monkey

Joel promoted to Rag and Bone Man

Joel bites face during freakout at Warhol party

Joel interprets ‘break a leg’ as ominous threat

Joel explains situation with two hot peppers

Joel gets handed sweaty wad of money from pub trivia host and told “I don’t want you to ever come back”

Joel blogs under pseudonym “Murderous Hen”

Joel plays harmonica for a small pack of rats at the rail yard

Joel lays bloodstained money down on pharmacy counter

Joel releases cookbook entitled Fiendish Appetites

Joel attempts to patent stink

Joel tells teenager that Rice Pilaf is a grown man’s game

Joel starts crime spree the day he’s released from prison

Joel realizes that control is the illusion

Joel clearly hears “Backup to pharmacy” upon entering drug store

Joel’s meager allowance forces choice between alien and pot leaf blacklight posters

Joel pressures frat pledge into drinking self to death at clown college

Joel asks doctor if Cialis is right for him while concealing erection

Joel protects abuser

Joel shows up with pizza and gun

Joel knows what sexy is… and he’s not telling

Joel seen exiting hardware store with can of gold spray paint

Joel lays down with fleas, gets up with fleas

Joel frustrated by trade-offs in Oregon Trail character selection

Joel bludgeons captor

Joel slides into drive thru and orders five easy pieces

Joel converts sugar to energy