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Joel known as a real sit-down type of guy

Joel seen shaving beard and dyeing hair in gas station bathroom

Joel lowers tape recording of crying baby down into well

Joel throws phone at tv

Joel in charge of Charles

Joel breaks into car with groceries visible in back seat

Joel spins round and round on malfunctioning trick bookcase

Joel strikes once the iron cools off a bit

Joel caught red handed sabotaging brother’s televised weight loss journey

Joel consults the oracle

Joel celebrates existence annually

Joel cruises around looking for someone to give him bruises

Joel missing and presumed dead

Joel cruelest to the ones he loves most

Joel circles wanted ad with red marker

Joel pinched by Vulcan

Joel appends middle name before string of murders

Joel asks Morrie if they can switch to Thursdays

Joel becomes first convict on Mars

Joel receives lousy performance review from bossy sauce

Joel returns to locker room to find police dumping contents of his gym bag onto the floor

Joel throws loose change at toll operator

Joel applies for handicap license plate on the grounds of being an emotional cripple

Joel dines at The Barking Spider

Joel guarantees Swahili

Joel weaves in and out erratically from carpool lane arguing that it’s just paint

Joel clings to departing plane

Joel feeds android probionics

Joel gnaws on fist

Joel stuffs his pockets with buffet rolls at hunger fundraiser

Joel rants and raves about the price of printer ink

Joel runs screaming nude through resort

Joel’s patients start to notice his diplomas have other people’s names on them

Joel cautiously pessimistic

Joel asks couples therapist who’s side she’s on

Joel serially steals from Uncle’s restaurant

Joel refers to rival PTA member as a viper