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Joel cautions the scheming Stovetop Stuffing kids about the dangers of overeating

Joel turns the tables by paying would-be assassin double to kill who hired him

Joel busts up union at San Francisco fortune cookie factory

Joel buys lifetime supply of deadly pills

Joel arrested attempting to dig up John Hancock’s grave

Joel opens Peekskill New York cafe named Cup ‘o Joel

Joel fights to protect Joel v. Wade

Joel salivates at sound of bell

Joel finds out his favorite cereal brand is an anagram of his name

Joel watches pot, goes hungry

Joel suggests that anxiety based innovation is the future, in pre-recorded video

Joel runs wild with stolen credit card

Joel rushed to hospital after wolfing down molten hot Mama Celeste pizza

Joel regards his prolificacy as an effective creator and communicator of visual ideas at the level of ancient Shamanic pansexual mysticism