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Joel cuckolds typographer

Joel fooled by imitation crab

Joel saves money by shopping at Half Foods

Joel gets hideously unflattering breakup haircut

Joel recruited by the FBI cause he knows how a killer thinks

Joel’s killing patterns reveal map-pin pentagram

Joel struck by thunder

Joel fired for heavy on-the-job drug use

Joel attempts to salvage pride

Joel pins housing association rejection letter above his bomb-making work area

Joel keeps snubnose revolver in office desk drawer

Joel moves out of house on Hope Street

Joel speaks in third person while defending himself in murder trial

Joel thrown like rag doll

Joel asked if he’s okay multiple times during meeting

Joel claims there exists a Planet Caldor

Joel prescribes two courses of action suiter should take depending on wealth level of love interest’s father

Joel demands boy

Joel stares angrily into arcade game screen, manhandling joystick and ignoring friend’s pleas for forgiveness

Joel drags in canvas sack full of bones

Joel enters in cloud of sulfur

Joel puts skin in game

Joel starts poultry enterprise called Tuna of the Land