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Joel smells fear

Joel repeatedly told “Get out of here” by screaming fat white man with female voice

Joel crashes through impound lot gate towing trolly-car hotdog stand

Joel falls asleep holding lit cigarette

Joel has flashback to black tie corporate event where Caribbean style music is playing and a few powerful people want him dead

Joel waits patiently for neighbors to go on vacation to rip the siding from their home

Joel joins effort to rescue child in well and doesn’t disclose that he put her down there

Joel poisons hundreds with murderous jam

Joel finishes first because he’s far from nice

Joel makes a god-damned fool of himself at company picnic

Joel rips off bead necklace and says if anyone steps on any of the beads his gang will kill them

Joel caught drawing crude penis on neighbor’s lawn with weed killer

Joel finally does something he can’t take back

Joel plays it straight for once in his life

Joel described as one cool customer by local pimp to detective

Joel cheats on wife with his secretary from Fidelity

Joel collapses after blind wine rage

Joel leads round of user tests with shameless bias

Joel concealed in darkness

Joel told to stay away from doctor

Joel stops walking and starts chewing gum

Joel’s last log entry reads “8:05 pm – Then most severe crisis…”

Joel blinded by Syracuse-Clemson orange overload

Joel flees from burning pharmacy with pillowcase full of pills

Joel shown screenshots of evidence against him

Joel uses Facebook to pinpoint woman’s location

Joel entranced by Satanic mold

Joel appointed leader of brute squad

Joel presides as jungle monarch

Joel wakes up screaming

Joel won’t stop until he’s dead or in jail

Joel captured by the sand people

Joel puts together makeshift woodland shrine for mother’s rotting head

Joel grabs child by arm and whispers terms of extravagant bribe for candy manufacturer’s secret recipe

Joel somehow gets out of his cage

Joel applies to job under the assumed name DeHartford Throbbins

Joel’s mother warned she was pregnant with demon

Joel wriggles down chimney with sack of bones

Joel leaves car on train tracks

Joel smashes square peg into round hole

Joel salts fist

Joel becomes far more pleasant after washing handful of pills down with tequila

Joel attempts to wrestle infant out of mother in stolen labcoat

Joel hears hoofbeats and assumes zebras – not horses

Joel plays his cards wrong

Joel shouts that we haven’t seen the worst of him

Joel fires rocket at news helicopter

Joel pitches reality show “Kielbasa Island”