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Joel conceals deviance

Joel fingered as rat in doll aisle drug arrest at toy store

Joel places “obscene” Thai food order

Joel rage eats Napa Almond Chicken Salad that arrived instead of Bacon Turkey Bravo

Joel wastes his monkey’s paw on five copies of Beaches

Joel’s morbid shrine to his dead mother in the woods gets discovered by group of sex-crazed teens

Joel waits between crashes of thunder to fire gun

Joel provides a coarse, booming rundown of some of the more valuable baseball cards included in sale

Joel described as being “rat shit crazy”

Joel informs coach he’s ready to play centerfield

Joel exposed over fraudulent Mesothelioma lawsuit

Joel tosses coffee and gets into squad car

Joel beaten at pinball by profoundly disabled child

Joel explains he’s using “the big fuckers” at bowling party, referring to the heaviest available balls

Joel continues to stall client, eventually suggesting that maybe doing nothing is the smartest bet

Joel hires flash mob to invade the home of reclusive, agoraphobic doctor

Joel beaten with sticks by London police

Joel sells vowel for two consonants

Joel’s attorney begs him to reconsider leaving his body to dog food factory

Joel gnaws on salted tire

Joel encircled by predatory lenders

Joel carefully uses stick to put hornets nest in neighbor’s mailbox