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Joel panics and faints in glass hotel elevator that he was told would be too much for him to handle

Joel tolerates lactose

Joel sets fire to state fair, cooks prized pig

Joel makes his money disappear while enrolling in magic school

Joel knows they can’t arrest him as long as he doesn’t stop dancing

Joel comes into possession of advanced portable personal computer during melee

Joel ransacks hooker’s apartment looking for the wallet he accidentally left in his other pair of pants

Joel paid in chickens for building gypsy website

Joel smoothly seduces woman by placing pubic hair on her soda can

Joel blasted off roof by lightning while trying to fix TV antenna in storm

Joel sends mother on a Carnival cruise then spends entire week guessing combination to safe in her house

Joel tells bank teller “they should put a leash on you” after argument about his overdrawn account

Joel goes to church not even once despite promise made months before while praying that his girlfriend isn’t pregnant

Joel uses illusion and misdirection during financial audit